3 Questions to Ask from your Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine Manufacturer about Service Program
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3 Questions to Ask from your Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine Manufacturer about Service Program

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Whether you are beginning to explore a computerized shrink wrap packaging machine or already have ten full frameworks, it is a smart idea to evaluate your equipment’s upkeep and service needs.

Here are 3 inquiries to ask your packaging manufacturer about their support programs.

Will you Provide Remote Support?

Modern packaging gear can be accessed remotely. At least 90% of issues can be determined and cured on call. So at least, the specialized assistance office at your packaging machine maker ought to give telephone support. Now and again, it is remembered for the underlying expense of your agreement, and sometimes not.

With the coming of video call apps like Skype and Facetime, packing machine producers and their clients presently have a new visual asset available to them. Not all producers utilize these advancements for specialized help, so ask about its accessibility and related expenses.

At present, top, pressing machine organizations additionally perceive that arriving at specialized help by telephone is poorly designed. What’s more, a few customers simply incline toward mentioning service on the web.

Will You Provide Periodic Service Audits On-site?

Having a certified specialist visit your plant occasionally resembles visiting the dental specialist two times per year. They offer a full Assistance towards audit and inspection, perform preventive maintenance, and search for issues that need curing. This will help to forestall more significant problems later on. They give master guidance regarding how to expand the machine’s wellbeing.

Generally given at an extra expense as a significant aspect of a preventive support program, most packaging machine producers have far-reaching plans in which a qualified expert visits your office either more than once per year to perform service audits.

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Will I Get Spare Parts Recommendations?

A packaging device has several electrical and mechanical parts. A few of which wear out more often than not. Your pasta extrusion machine manufacturer should provide you with a spare parts list during equipment purchasing. The list will include all wear parts, classified by how often they are usually replaced. Spare parts are classified as follows:

High wear parts

These parts generally have a shorter lifecycle or are not standard items. They have an extended lead time.

Medium wear parts

These parts provide a longer lifecycle and may or may not fail.

Low wear parts

These parts should never fail.

In general, it is advised to maintain stock of high wear parts at your plant. The last thing you would want to do when your packaging machine is down is waiting for a piece to be shipped or fabricated.

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