About Us

Qingdao Unite Packing Machinery CO.,LTD is a professional manufacture of automatic flow packing machines and automatic shrink wrapping machines from year 2010. All our products are designed for the specific needs of our customers and engineered for high performance and longevity . We use Japan, German, Switzerland, Denmark components at main electrical transmission function, such as PLC, HMI, servo motor, color code photoelectric switch, frequency converter, to ensure maximum reliability in time.

Purchase our packing machinery means secure a very high quality of packaging, with a high functionality and reliability at your complete service.

We were able to incorporate servo drive technology with a unique seal carriage design on our packing machines and wrappers to achieve production speed and save customers cost. Our main products like the UTA stainless steel packing machine, UTB double servo packing machine, UTC top-seal packing machine, UTD shrink-film packing machine,UTF-1 box motion packing machine,UTF-2 transverse delivery packing machine, and UTS three servo packing machine , vertical packing machine and carton packing machine. Those type of machines are aimed at food and non - food packing markets, such as : biscuit , candy , breads , cake , fruit , moon-cake, powder, granule, coffee, chips, and also can packing difference kinds of daily commodity , hotel products ,medical products, hardware, toys , est.

Our Mission


Only innovation create industry leader, Working with professional, treating with honesty, Provides the truly needed product for our customer, solve their problem with the best solution" Is the core concept of running our business. We believe that reputation based on quality, and the quality based on our honesty. We are welcoming any company who has interests to work with us to our factory for a tour and hope we could establish a great bond between us.