Automatic vs Manual Packaging
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July 29, 2019
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July 29, 2019
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Automatic vs Manual Packaging

When we talk about shipping and packing a product, there is a lot more to it than just putting it in the right box. Every business has their own set of packaging rules, KPIs and goals, and that clarifies that this process is much more complicated then we think it is. However, two common ways that every packaging team uses is manual and automatic packing.

Take a look at how these methods differ from each other and how each affects your business.

Automatic Packaging

Thanks to technology, packing goods has become more comfortable and faster than ever. With packaging machine suppliers offering state of the art automatic wrapping machines, you can speed up your packaging process today. However, regardless of there being numerous automatic packaging machines manufacturers, it can still cost you a good amount to get this innovative solution installed in your warehouse. Is that so? Let me be honest!

Yes, these machines do cost a lot. However, if you consider using it in the long run, you can achieve economies of scale. Since the machine is automatic, it requires only an operator. No need to hire any extra labour food processing and packaging anymore. This one-time investment solution is both cost-effective and efficient. That’s one primary reason why packaging equipment manufacturers are introducing new and improved automatic wrapping machines every now and then.

Manual Packaging

Even though there are many packaging machine manufacturers in the world, still many companies prefer going with manual packaging. In manual packaging, everything is done with hands. That means you need to hire labour for this process.

Manual packaging is a common trend in those industries where they deal with a fast-paced consumer good. Or, those businesses that are involved in selling their goods to retail or final consumers. In addition, with a good strength or labour, your packaging speed will be unbeatable. Apart from that, you also save lots of money on maintenance, machinery, technology and equipment. That said, the manual packaging is always prone to human error. Apart from that, quality and productivity can never be consistent has each person working for you is different from each other.

And the Winner is….

To be honest, even though packaging machine suppliers are coming up with innovative packaging solutions every now and then, manual packaging has never stopped. The truth is, it actually depends on your product and industry. If your product is better off getting packed manually, then there is no way you can change that. However, if you are looking for cost-effective and innovative long-term solution, then reaching out to automatic packaging machines manufacturers is should be the best decision for you.

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