Different Types of Package Manufactured by Bread Packing Machine
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July 29, 2019
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Different Types of Package Manufactured by Bread Packing Machine

bread packing machine

When you get a touch on warm bread, you want to eat right there. It is hard to get the whole loaf at a time. Therefore, the idea of bread packaging comes into play. There are various kinds of packaging, automatic packaging machines manufacturers offer.

Few of the bread packing bags made through machines are mentioned below:

Micro-perforated bags

For keeping the ideal balance of soft and crunchy texture, micro-perforated packaging bags are an excellent choice for crusty bread. The micro-perforated bags provide a high level of oxygen transfer. Oxygen keeps the bread fresh for a long span. These bags have holes of pin-size which allow moisture to escape when the bag is not open. Closed bags prevent food from becoming hard or stale. The holes provide bread with the aeration, so the air flows inside the bag, therefore releases the sweet taste of baked bread.

Made out of crystal transparent BOPP material from bread packing machine, these bags give luring presentation to the eyes. The presentation entices customers to buy the bread.

Micro-perforated bags are offered on wicket dispensers which are handy to use. The top and bottom part of the bag are unperforated. Imperforation helps the bread to be durable and strong for thicker loaves.

Poly Flat Bags – Broad Selection of Size

Choice of soft bread like banana bread, croissants, dinner rolls and brioche do well in poly-flat bags. Bread packaging machine uses polypropylene material to make this type of bags. These bags offer brilliant presentation and are available in the market in wide size selection for the accommodation of several kinds of bread. The material used is a bit stiff and crinkly as compared to poly side gusset bags.

bread packing machine

From elongated loves to single muffins, you have a chance to find poly flat bag size which works for you. These bags also come in various thicknesses, from durable to lightweight and are priced reasonably for wholesale and bulk sale. At the bottom, you will find crimp that allows less space for use. Poly flat bags are made with strong seams and base having a double seal. The design of these bags is comfortable for denser loaves.

Poly flat bags are open-ended for easy packing and convenient storage. They are made with a heat sealer and twist ties.

Poly side gusset bags – Added Wiggle Room

For your baked bread, you need an extra little wiggle. Poly side gusset container is the best for the wiggle. These bags are designed for heavy stuff and are tailor-made for bread packaging. The gusseted sides are expanded and allow extra space for croissants, brioche, dinner rolls, muffins and soft baked bread.

Made with polyethene material, the gusseted bags are popular for sustaining aroma and freshness. Polyethene is a little softer and less bright compared to poly-flat bags. For extra convenience, you can find this type of container for accommodating different kinds of bread.

Side gussets are packed with a round dispenser hole having an outer bag; great for busy kitchens. 

Wrap Up

We hope the above information will help as clear and presentable bags urge customers what they will miss if they don’t pick loves from you.

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