Food Packing Machine For Ice Cream
July 30, 2019
Food Packing Machine For Ice Cream Stick
July 30, 2019
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Food Packing Machine For Ice Cream Corn



  1. Ice-cream transverse in-feeding system, easy access for cleaning and sanitation;
  2. With special differential gearbox , the machine has high stability when feeding in high-speed
  3. Stainless steel model for wet environments and reasonable sealing technology, a very wide range of applications in the frozen food industry.

Wide variety of in-feed conveyor designs is available in variable ice cream bar production line, 8-way、12-way、16-way、18-way、24-way to accommodate the required lay-out


Item UTH2 Ice Cream Remarks
Input interface(row) 12/18
packaging capacity  (branch/min) Single channel Dual channel Three channel As the production line requirement
50-160 100-260 150-360
Machine power(KW) 4.3 8.5 12 With transverse feeding machine
Machine weight(kg) 1500 2600 3800 standard type
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