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July 30, 2019
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Food Processing and Packaging

Specially performance

  1. High quality PLC control component;stable and reliable performance food Food processing and Packaging Machine Solutions companies
  2. Large color touch-screen HMI, intuitive and simple operation
  3. Servo drives assures precise positioning, convenient maintenance
  4. Adjustable time delay control system for positioning to avoid film overheat.
  5. High quality color code photoelectric switch, two-way trace, effectively control packing tolerance in (±1mm) to avoid film waste.
  6. Intelligent TC system, PID control, precise and stably seal temperature control
  7. Transverse sealing have safety cover and position correct device for easy operation.
  8. Direct heat side seal, to improve the service life, reduces product and film waste.
  9. Special Roller conveyor, to avoid food surface sticking on the packing device, ensure excellent products outlook.

Food Packaging Solutions

Model UTA series packaging machine
Specification 450-99 450-120 450-150 590-120 590-150 590-180
Specification(mm) <450 <450 <450 <590 <590 <590
Bag length(mm) 80-310 100-370 100-450 100-370 100-450 150-480
Package width(mm) 10-140 10-140 10-140 10-200 10-200 10-200
High packaging(mm) 5-35 10-50 30-75 10-50 30-75 50-100
Production capacity 20-180 20-180 25-120 25-80 25-60 25-60
Total power 3.6 3.6 3.6 4 4 4
Power supply Single phase 220V, 50HZ / three phase 380V, 50HZ
Motor Main motor 0.75KW / servo motor 0.75KW Main motor 0.75KW / servo motor 1.0KW
Packaging material Suitable for heat sealing composite film: OPP/PE, PT/PE, paper/PE, BOPP/PE, etc.
Dimensions (mm) 5050×960×1550 5050×1250×1650
Total weight (kg) 900 900 900 920 950 1000

Food Processing and Packaging machines manufacturer in China

Qingdao Unite Packing Machinery Co. Ltd is very proud Food Processing and food Packaging machine manufacturer and suppliers for different industries by monitoring their demands and product requirements. Different Food Processing and Packing are packaged in different ways as per their product types, storage conditions and quantity.

QDUNT in this regard has been providing food packaging solutions by offering a wide range of Food Processing and Packaging for many emerging food industries, as well as the on-going industries. Our mission is to cater an industry that wishes to offer food services to the common people, also QDunt have the great command in Automatic Packaging Machines Manufacturers.

Latest Food Packaging Machine Products

Keeping a check at this aspect, we have been providing food packaging solutions for those aiming to open up their industry and supply different food products to the masses. Our Food Processing and packaging Solutions are equipped with the latest tools and techniques and can wrap different food items effectively and conveniently.

QDUNT provides solutions and products specifically created for the best food packaging machines. These efficient solutions decrease the waste and downtime during the process of handling the product in a sanitary induced environment, resulting in a decreased cost of labor and improved productivity.

In order to provide and facilitate our clients with food packaging solutions, we offer a wide range of services to the customers. We make sure that the safeties of the products are improved by eradicating the threats of potential bacterial infection as per the international standards. Our products like food packaging machine or food processing and services like food packaging solution are offered with non-retainable surfaces, mainly after the pressure of washing it with acid or with any other standard cleansers.

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