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Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine
July 30, 2019
UTA-Stail Bread, Soap, Biscuit, Vegetable, Frozen, bakery packing equipment machinery
July 30, 2019
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Packaging Equipment


Function controls with PLC

Variable speed regulation

Air volume is arbitrary regulation

Packing width(mm):20-140

Packing height(mm):50-60

Total power(kw):16.5


Total weight(kg):900

Items UTD Flow Packaging Machine
Specification 450-99 450-120 450-150 590-120 590-150 590-180
Film width(mm) <450 <450 <450 <590 <590 <590
Cut length(mm) 80-310 100-370 100-450 100-370 100-450 150-480
Product width(mm) 10-140 10-140 10-140 10-200 10-200 10-150
Product height(mm) 5-35 10-50 30-75 10-50 30-75 50-100
Production  SpeedPPM) 20-180 20-180 25-120 25-80 25-60 25-60
Power(kw) 3.6 3.6 3.6 4 4 4
Voltage 1-phase 220V50HZ/3-phase 380V50HZ
Motor Main motor 0.75KW/Servo motor 0.75KW Main motor 0.75KW/Servo motor1.0KW
Film material Heat seal applied to composite filmOPP/PEPT/PEPaper/PEBOPP/PE etc.
Dimensions(mm) 5050×960×1550 5050×1250×1650
Total weight (kg) 900 900 900 920 950 1000

Top packaging Equipment Manufacturers

We take immense pride as the creators of packing equipment and machinery. The packaging equipment machines provided by us incorporate the latest technology and are advanced in nature. These machines are suitable for all the modern needs of packaging. Packaging equipment is used in almost all the major industries, and they have worldwide application. This makes it imperative that these packaging equipment manufacturers make high quality packing equipment and machinery and no compromises are made on the eminence of the machines. Only the best packaging equipment manufacturers can ensure the efficiency of their machinery.

It is smart to invest with the known and experienced manufacturers as packaging machines are not a small investment. The quality of the packaging for any product can make or break the brand. So, why take risks? Choose the best producers for your packaging solutions.

High Quality Packing Equipment and Machinery Supplier

Qdunt is passionate about creating modern machinery that can cater to the present needs of our clients as well as stay relevant in the future operations they may have. The variety of machines we are offering includes every type from vegetable packing machines to automatic wrapping machines.

You can choose according to your needs and priorities. The one thing that we guarantee is the high-quality material used in the production of our packing equipment and machinery. It is the only reason that our machines are efficient and our clients remain tension free.

This is a one-time investment that is why the decision should be made wisely. Compromising on the quality will make the entire process a headache, and it will affect your production speed. To avoid unnecessary delays in your product sales always make sure to double check the packaging equipment manufacturers you are trusting.

The wide range of packaging equipment and machinery available here are in accordance with the latest trends and technology. We are sure if you choose us once you’ll definitely trust us again.

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