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July 30, 2019
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July 30, 2019
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Packing Machine For Frozen Meat


  1. In order to achieve the better stability and self adjustment of the machine, we install 3 axis servo motors in each driving area, with packing precision tolerance in ±1mm
  2. Color Touch Screen Operator Interface,

>>HMI touch screen can adjust beginning wrapping tension.
>> HMI touch screen can adjust the position of products in-feeding.

>>Fault Display & Warning Message will be displayed if there is any operation error

  1. High quality color code photoelectric switch, two-way trace, effectively control packing tolerance in (±1mm) to avoid film waste.
  2. Intelligent TC system, PID control, precise and stably seal temperature control within (±1℃);
Type UTF-2
Specification 450 590
Film width(mm) <450 <590
Cut length(mm) 70-350 100-350
Product width(mm) 145 200
Product height(mm) 80 100
Packing speed 20-120 20-100
(pack per minute)
Power(kw) 4 4
Electric source 1-phase 220V50HZ/3-phase 380V50HZ
Film material Heat seal applied to composite filmOPP/PEPT/PEPaper/PEBOPP/PE etc.
Dimensions(mm) 4865×1060×1500 4865×1200×1600
Total weight (kg) 1100 1230


Bread, instant noodles, frozen food, hot pot material, and other hard packaging solid products.

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