Ways To Combat Dust In Powder Packing Process
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July 29, 2019
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July 29, 2019
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Ways To Combat Dust In Powder Packing Process

The packaging process can be affected by the dust particles and products like flour, ground coffee, protein powders, and dry snacks can create dust in the packaging process. Anytime the dry and powdered products are in motion airborne particles occur and create dust. The modern automatic packaging machines manufacturers include the certain feature in the machines to eliminate the negative effects of dust.

Enclosed Jaw Drive

If the machine is destined to operate in a dusty environment or if it is in direct contact with the dusty product it is imperative for the moving parts which drive the sealing jaws to be protected against the particles. The packing machines which are used in the dusty or wet environment have a jaw drive that is completely enclosed. This protects the jaw drive from airborne particles of dust, and the operation runs smoothly.

Dust Proof Enclosures And IP Ratings

The enclosures of the machine where electrical and pneumatic components are housed should be protected adequately. The machinery should have a proper IP Rating that is suitable to the operations expected by it. IP Ratings basically consists of two numbers which indicate how water and dust proof a particular enclosure is. For dust protection, IP Rating of 50 or above is recommended, and for dust-tight enclosures, the equipment with IP Rating of 60 or above should be preferred.

Dust Suction Equipment

Dust ingress is not the only worry if dust gets into the package seam it can affect the working of the sealant layers during the heat seal process. This can cause rework and scrap which is not needed. To combat this problem dust suctions utilized at different points in the process. It removes or recirculates the dust particles lessening the amount of dust ending up in the package seals.

Static Elimination Bars

Plastic packaging film created static electricity when it is unwound and fed through the packaging machine. The static electricity causes the dust particles to stick to the inside of the film, and the powder ends up in the package seal. To avoid this problem, a static elimination bar is added.

Dust Hoods

Automatic packaging machines manufacturers add an extra feature in pouch filling and sealing machines to place a dust hood. It is placed above the product dispensing station. As the product drops from the filler and fills into the bag, this component collects and remove the particulates.

Vacuum Pull Belts

Vacuum pull belts perform the similar function as friction pull belts but with vacuum suction. It negates the effects of dust from the pull belt system, and they also need to be changed less often even in the dusty environment.

Bottom Line

These are the few of features; there are many more. Apart from these features, the preventive tasks include cleaning and inspecting of various components for dust and residue. The maintenance of machines is important and the more you take care, the longer they function. Although automatic packaging machines manufacturers have solved several issues, even the high-tech and advanced machinery need proper care which includes a manual check-up sometimes.

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